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Hi, my husband had PPH yesterday (June 1st, 2005)-- he is doing OK with regard to pain but is now feeling more and more pressure and that he has to make a BM.

He has tried numerous times with no effect-- just a bit of oozing blood (old blood, brownish he said)-- but he feels pressure in his rectum.

He's taken 3 doses of Vicodin (which I realize is constipating) and each time he's taken it with 1 Colace to help soften the stools. He's also had a bowl of fiber rich cereal and a cup of coffee this morning to 'move things along' and tried getting in the shower to run water over the external area to relax things.

Any other advice to help him get through and get this first BM "moving"-- I just know he'll feel so much better when it's done.
Vanessa. The Vicodin does make you constipate. I had my surgery last December. I only took it for a few days for my congestion. It suppressed coughing and I didn't want that.

My surgeon prescribed stool softener before bedtime. I drank a lot of fluids. This is very important. I did not eat a high fiber diet because it forms bulky stools, which, in turn, will give me discomfort. For the first two weeks, I ate mainly soft foods and avoid foods that constipate such as rice.

After the incision area has a chance to heal in two weeks, then slowly add bulks to your diet. From then on, I began to feel urges to move my bowels especially in the morning. Don't panic. I haven't felt that for so long that I forgot what an urge sensation is like. It's wonderful.

Hope this info helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, that's what the doctor said when we called.

Since my first post, we've had a rough couple of days-- but now my husband is FINALLY feeling better Post-op day 4. Among the problems, I encouraged his to stop the pain meds a bit early (yesterday), and he wasn't ready.

To anyone reading this who is having PPH, take the pain meds liberally if needed-- he's much better today now that he's taking the Vicodin again.

He's obviously improved b/c we were able to go out shopping/ walking... pain meds of no, he never could have done that 2 days ago.

Thank goodness... he's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.