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Hi Lanie,

I have migraines also, I also became addicted to Vicodin. I used the migraines as an excuse to get the pills, even though other non narcotic means such as a med. called Imitrex relieved my headaches. There were many, many instances when I went to E.R.'s claiming that non of the other medications worked. Clearly, I was an addict and even if I never had another hy,eadache I wanted, craved and searched for a way to get those pills.

Yes, your sister can not only stop her addiction but also, find a solution for her migraines. Howevers, SHE, is the only one who can do it. When I finally realized that this game I was playing would either end in my death or my being in prison, I finally came to the conclusion that I would stop using. I tried many ways of doing this. The easiest way, I think, is cold turkey, preferably with help from a trusted medical doctor. However, although it is easy to get through the withdrawals physically, it is the psychological addiction that is so very hard to recover from. Because of this I am not going to suggest or explain the different recovery programs that have worked well for others. The best way for her to decide which program would fit her, is to have her take a look at the posts on this board. All methods of recovery are represented. This way she will have not only the knowledge but the support to tackle her addiction.

Has she ever told you that she wants to stop? She must have a totally sincere desire to do so or she will just set her self up for failure.

You are a loving and kind sister. Many people become disgusted when family members become drug addicts and want nothing to do with them. Bless you for being so concerned and willing to help her. She will one day appreciate this even though while addicted she may not act like it.

Please keep posting and reading this health board. It has helped me and others immensely. If your sister will check the board out, she will make an amazing discovery....the fact that so many others in ALL walks of life have had the problem and have recovered from it. The secrecy of being addicted is one of it's worst side effects, but to be able to tell the truth about it and begin helping yourself to heal is magical.

Linda :angel: