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Hi , My name is Kelly and I thought I would join thanks to my newly diagnosed condition. I suffered from lower back pain and sciatica for almost three weeks :confused: ... I was seeking medical treatment the entire time. It took all that time to get doc to give me an MRI and I just found out I did indeed have a herniated disc. I have been on a different array of medications, starting with vicodin 7.5/500. They went up to 10/650, and then on to Dilaudid 4 mg. I take this with ibuprofen and ice appication and seem to have some relief although sitting is still a challenge. I will now begin physical therapy and hope this brings more relief. :) I know this is frustrating for me as I am a mother of an infant and a nursing student who had to drop summer classes because I just couldn't bear the thought of sitting in lecture for 2 hours. For those of you who have this condition, how long is healing time? I have asked many questions to my doctor but I would love to talk to others that have the same condition. I know we are all different, but will this affect me the rest of my life? Right now surgery is not an option. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated. I also know alot about medications if anyone needs advice there. Thanks for your help.................