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Hello from Texas.....you are not alone!! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am an addict who had been clean for over 15 years. Herion and methadone were my demons. I went cold turkey and went thru the most nightmarish withdrawls imaginable. It took a good month for me to even start feeling somewhat human. I have had a bad back for 20 years. about a year and a half ago my doctor put me on 10mg vicodin....up to 12 pills a day. I had back surgery last November. I have continued to have pain ever since then. I have also continued taking those damned pills.....that is until this past Sunday. Threw them down the toilet. So now, after 16 and a half years, I'm going thru C/T withdrawls again. I Know how lonely of a feeling it is to go thru this. You don't think anyone else has ever went thru such a nightmare. I've got it all....insomnia,sweats,chills,legs kicking at night,no appetite. I'm on day 4 clean from those little devils. Today, I got my *** out of bed, forced down some food and got in my pool. Hardly have the energy to stand up, but did that water feel so good. Tonight I will take a walk. For me, just laying there makes the pain so much worse. I envy you being on day 13....wish I was there. I will promise you it WILL get better. I know this from experience. I also got alot of people in recovery to talk to. I never abused the meds....but I still became addicted to them. I know I will be feeling better soon. Just thought this guy here could give you some encouragement. Hot as hell in Dallas today!!! Hang in there and don't give up before the miracle happens. Pat88.