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The vicodins were not prescribed, I wasnt taking them for pain...and I am not currently prescribed xanax either...thats not to say that I couldnt get them prescribed if I needed because the panic attacks are real but I have a constant supply. I need to go see someone about regulating this with some other meds, xanax definitely does the job but i find myself wanting to take them just to take the edge off sometimes plus it obviously makes me too tired.

Oh hon...it sounds so much like you are self-medicating...and now you have another upcoming problem with your gallbladder to deal with...how is that going to affect the mix? I think it's really important that your doctors, especially your surgeon, know what drugs you are currently ingesting. Seriously. It may not be of consequence, or then again it might be.

I'm not YOUR mother, LOL, but I do care about you! :)

I am gathering from your response that you are dabbling in drugs right now and perhaps not so much concerned about the effect the prescribed pain-killers 'after surgery' will affect the combination with your existing drugs, but perhaps you might be more concerned about how just getting those pain-killers post surgically will tempt you to use them to get "high".

This is under my perception based on your previous posts that you have already found that taking Xanax and Hydro (in Vicodin form) are enjoyable to you and are somewhat easing whatever else beside your gallbladder, is hurting you right now.