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I wanted to chime in briefly, although I am battling a habit to vicodin, taking 3 a day for about a year. I did at one time have a horrible drinking problem that really caused horrible problems in my life. I tried AA and I just never picked up the program (just was not for me). In my case I stopped associating with other heavy drinkers. I had to. I kept myself busy every night of the week with Church or other things that heavy drinkers just don't usually do.

This was all years ago and I tried to quit thousands of times prior to when I finally stopped with little or no success. In the final analysis I guess I made other things in my life more meaningful then booze and pursued them.

Keep up the good work. Suggestion,AA can be good to help you get through some weekends and the lonely times. The only problem with AA is the rhetoric that it is the only way to sobriety and that "once an alcoholic always an alcoholic' (however, I do not advocate that those who have successfully quit drinking start again in that this causes problems again) Neither of these ideas do I personally subscribe to. However if you can see past this then AA can actually be helpful at times.