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Nice work! Quit and get involved in positive supportive things to stay quit. You have everything in place to make this work and work for good! I'm very happy for you and I'm sure you'll be happy for you too as this becomes further and further behind you!


Do you think the sub route is a good one since my dosage is small? I mean I can detox ct if I have to. My friend who is a doctor said that she does not think that going through wd's is necessary and that the sub route is a good one for a couple of weeks since I cannot take time off of work. She said that since I have been taking vicodin for over a year that I am definately addicted to them no matter the dosage and that there is no reason to put myself through miserable wd's if I don't have to. She is not an addiction specialist but she said that sub is not that easy to become addicted to and with the right addictionologist that I should fair pretty good as long as I have a good working plan after the detox.

What is your view on this?