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I am new to this board and wanted to post because I am too trying to get off these damn vicodin. I found a shady doc a few months ago and my addiction has escalated dramatically. Not only was I taking vicodin off the streets, but also was being prescribed 70 Norco 10/325 mg a month. This is my fourth time trying to quit and now I have more access to the crap than I have ever had before. Damn these things! I am a 27 year old recently separated single Mom. I have a new full time job, new townhouse, and a beautiful 2 year old girl... and when you think your life is getting back on track...the vicodin always f**** it up. Even though we think that we are happier on them, they are really making us more depressed. So I have 2 other friends that are addicted and we attempted to quit together, so last Thurs I took my last pill. The withdrawals started at work on Friday and were unbearable. Nobody will ever understand how bad withdrawals are unless they have been through them. My friends and I went 2 days without them...then... my one had access to some methadone. She took it, and said that she felt normal with no withdrawals, so instead of staying off the painkillers like we should have... my other friend and I got back on them, like fools, in hopes that we could get some methadone too. Well, we ended up getting some and I took my last pill last night, and I was sweating all day today knowing that I was going to take this thing, freaking out all day. I have researched a lot on it and know that if you use it for the withdrawals only and a low dosage that it will work. It has now kicked in and I feel like I can go on with my normal day, no withdrawals...this pill is a miracle. I am planning on taking it for 4 or 5 days and that's it, just until those unbearable withdrawals go away. Please if anybody has ever taken this stuff or you're going through withdrawals and would like to talk on the phone or IM for support I would be more than willing to do so. Please reply if interested.