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Hi: I have been reading, reading, reading everything on this message board about addiction, recovery, etc. I am a vicodin addict-but 37. My parents were both alcoholics-but very successful professionals. My mother scared the hell out of me about street drugs. I grew up refusing to hang around anyone who did drugs. My sister and I were good kids, affluent, responsible, etc. I refused to try drugs. I think this was because she constantly scared us with stories. I knew I was a minefield waiting to explode because of the history of addiction in my family. After living my life successfully for all thes years-staying away from all substances-addiction finally caught up with me. I wanted to try as best as I could to give any feedback I could, because I know the hell of addiction now.

I am in an outpatient treatment center for three hours per day. There are young adults and teenagers in this program for narcotics of any kind and alcohol. Half of the folks are young. Some of them started with the behavior you have spoken of. The addiction counselors state the addiction disease starts and accelerates at a horrifying rate in young people. What I would like for you to consider-is that addiction to drugs-ANY substance-is literally a disease that the addict has no control over. If one is taken away, another one takes its place. What used to be a normal, sweet kid is completely replaced with a starving beast who is trying to kill the addict. I am an addict now, so I can recognize this process. Narcotics Anonymous is a life-saving program that works for thousands of addicts. What I have learned is that I really DON'T have control over the disease. I became willing to do things that I would have NEVER considered in my life. I became completely enslaved. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. They say that is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. That means the addict mind will tell itself whatever it needs to fulfull the drug addiction. That is why the teens end up committing these monstrous acts. Many want to stop but they can't. Drug addiction leads to three things only: jails, institutions, or death. It is such a tragedy for me to see if in my group and to experience it. I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you try to look at the person in your life as under the grip of something that is way too powerful for them, it could be easier to understand. I would consider that parents get support from Al-anon or Nar-Anon, find support groups for families of addicts. Professionals have also conducted family groups while I have been in treatment and have told the families to stop enabling the child. Unfortunately, they have to hit rock bottom ro realize themselves. I can't imagine the agony, really. When I finally got help, my family told me that they had literally become physically sick from worrying. I was so sorry and finally was able to apologize to them. And sometimes, the only way for them to learn is to be kept in jail.
my husband is a recovering cocaine addict. through that ime he stole from his parents and would do almost anything to get the drug. blew entire paychecks while i was struggling to pay the bills. moved 4 times to cheaper places that we could afford on my pay alone. one day i told him that if he wanted to do drugs to please not take money out of my wallet without telling me that iwould give him the money because it was his life and his addiction. i no longer played any role in it. he went into recovery within a few months. 5 years later he was injured on the job and is now abusing vicodin. takes a whole 30 day prescription in a week. the old addict meaness and horrible attitude comes right back until he gets it out of his system after sleeping for 3 straight days. he has hepatitis from a blood tranfusion years ago and i know this drug is destroying his body but he doesn't seem to care. in his mind of course he has no problem. i am just trying to remove myself from this situation until i make a final decision. i know i don't have to live like this but right now finances(he has been out of work for 27 months without a comp settlement)won't allow it. when the financial situation changes i have to make a decsion whether or not to leave and be on my own which would be much more peaceful than this. having to live your life and make decisions around someone else's addiction is very cumbersome.
thanks SusanGene but i made the same mistake twice. my first husband was and still is an alcoholic. i don't know how i didn't see the cocaine abuse before we marrried, with my present husband but it took 1 year before i realized what i had done. the last 5 years have been happy until this injury and the vicodin abuse.i have lived this so many times in my life i now feel i just want out to be alone in peace without someone else's problems controlling my life . the 2 years between marriages were a little lonely but free and peaceful. i too was so happy in my little apartment. the night i moved in i sat in the dark and thought"this is yours, you did this yourself" what a nice feeling. not sure what to do at this point just know i don't want his addiction to complicate my life at all. i also have ptsd from my daughter's death(not his daughter) in 1997. have enough of my own without the added burden. thanks for listening.