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I took my first Suboxone 28 hours ago and that was at 2 mg. The dosage was too high because it made me awfully dizzy so my sub doc told me to cut the dosage in half the next time I take it. I then took a half of one about 19 hours later (last night at midnight). I took the other half 9 hours later (just a few minutes ago at 9.00 am West Coast Time).

I am completely new to this. Is my dosage appropriate? My doc said to take it when I felt bad and did not really tell me to take it on a set schedule. My doc is really a reserved type of guy and it is like pulling teeth to get information from him, sometimes at best he mumbles.

Can someone who has experience with sub tell me if what the common dosage is? Is it one every 12 hours? My dosage to vicodin was 3-4 regular strength a day for over a year. The wd's are definately managable with the sub. I do not want to stay on this stuff for very long at all. How long is too long and is my dosage okay? If I am only on it for a few days will it be easy to step off of it? My doc wants me on it for at least 10 days. But I think that I can put it down in the next day or two. Am I kidding myself or am I too worried about it and over analysing this?