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Thanks folks.

I did go to my Sub doctor today and we spent quite awhile talking about my experience in the ER. My Sub Doc actually spoke to the ER Doc after I left the ER that night and the ER Doc concluded that I was having a full blown panic attack and that I appeared "very scared" when I initially came in but that after he had spoken with me that I seemed to calm down. My Sub Doc concluded that it was probably a panic attack and prescribed a drug to help me relax if it happened again. He also prescribed Subutex instead of the Suboxone because he said that there are some rare cases where some people do have a bad reaction to the Naltrexone in Suboxone, but he said that that was probably not the case.

I told my Sub Doc that I felt fine at this point to just not take anything and that I would deal with the remaining wd's myself. He said that he is concerned about me and that he thinks that I should try the Subutex for just a few days. My Sub Doc said that from this point the wd's would probably not be that bad but it is the cravings that people get once they stop using opiates that concerns him. I told him that I would try 1 Subutex and if I had another reaction like the one I had with Suboxone then I was not going to take anything anymore. He gave me a prescription for the Subutex and another drug to help with panic attacks. I took 1 Subutex 2mg and it has helped with the wd's and cravings and I seem to feel okay. I am at work right now so I will see how I feel tonight.

I do feel embarassed now racing to the ER the other night, and part of me just wants to not have to take anymore drugs at all. My wife was the one who convinced me to give the Sub Doc another chance today because she is afraid that I am going to get back on the vikes if I don't do what he says and finish this with him. I guess I am a little afraid too. So I am going to do what he says and continue the Subutex until I am suppose to stop (10 days).

Thanks for the help. And DWD I will check at the information on panic attacks that you suggested.

I would like to ask all of you your opinion on this one other thing too. Please respond when you can.

1. I only took 3-4 vikes (regular strength) a day for 20 months. My question is this: Is this unusual? Has anyone heard of somebody abusing vicodin with so few a day for an extended period like this?

2. My Sub Doc believes that I was abusing vicodin to help alleviate anxiety.
My question is this: Does this assessment sound reasonable? I think that I was abusing vicodin because I enjoyed the high.

My answer to the 1st question for myself is basically the reason I did not take more then I did is simply because I was terrified that if I did that I would OD on them and stop breathing. I did not keep the quantity down because I think I have so much "character control" I took so few of them because basically I am a " chicken sh-t."

Anyway all input welcome.

Have a great week everyone!

First of all--

Baseball65--Hi!!!! :wave: Remember me? My twin and I started Subutex the end of last year--and we are doing great! So glad to hear that you are well, too. What a roller coaster of emotions that first month was--it certainly took me a full month to adjust--not so much to the physical effects of the Sub--but to the terrible empty feeling that grabbed me every time I was jolted by the reality that there were no more "highs" except natural ones--ever. Boy, that took some getting used to.

The cravings were purely mental, because the Subutex, from the beginning, stopped the physical symptoms. But, for me, that was the hardest part. Acceptance in my head that nothing I did would ever again be rewarded with oxys or vics.

Havehadit - I am so glad you're over the worst of that anxiety. Panic attacks are a strange thing--you can bring them on very easily, once your brain learns to use them as a "flight" mechanism. But--equally--you can learn to stop the mechanism from gearing up, by recognizing the signals.

In answer to your questions:

1. For years I took only 2 to 4 Vicodins a day. I had no idea I was so hooked on them--and, even if I didn't take them "on schedule" I had no bad reaction...so, I just thought I was enjoying them in a "controlled" manner. :rolleyes:

What caused the skyrocketing in my situation, was when my cousin--a legitimate pain management patient--was prescribed more oxys a month than she used. The first time I took one, I say "ugh.....much too strong for me." But...then....being the stalwart "if at first, you don't succeed..." sort of person I am....I succeeded! LOL! Aaaarggghhhh!! :D :nono:

That's when the trouble began....because it all just escalated. And I was feeling awful--not "happy"--in no time. Taking them became a necessity to stop withdrawal. It's like I crossed that big divide in one giant leap---from able to be fine on 2 Vics--to never feeling well with the oxys.

Which brings me to question No. 2 of yours:

2. It's not so much "anxiety" that caused me to start taking pills as much as it was depression. I was taking care of my Mom, whose dementia from TIA's (little strokes) grew worse each year. Those Vics were more an "escape" for me from the awful grief. And then, even after my Mom passed away, the habit was so engrained, that I continued to use them as a reward for.....everything...and anything!!

Each of us starts with drugs for different reasons. Most of us were introduced to them when prescribed them for real pain. But, we then made the accidental discovery that the "side effect": "euphoria"---written in teeny, weeny type on the list of adverse (!!) effects--was, in fact, the best part of the pill! :rolleyes:

My main reason for going with Subutex was the "resistance factor". Like Baseball, I knew my resistance would be way too low, when my drugs were there for the asking from my cousin, living only a few floors above me!!

But, as it turned out, the Sub has not just curbed the withdrawal and the cravings....but has given me the chance to remember and re-experience what "normal" life truly is. And, to fully understand that "normal" is so much better than those highs and lows. I truly had forgotten how to "feel."

Anyway....whatever you decide to do, I wish you the very best. And--please keep posting on your progress. We all want to hear from you!

Lynn :)