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See that line of "am I dependent or addict" I never bothered looking at. I knew my body was went in to withdrawal if I didn't give it the pill so that was enough to worry me. I also suspect I never ran out because I was able to feel that sense of wellness on my current dose for so long and when I didn't I already understood what had happened by then but wasn't ready to quit. My story is so boring, I actually expected to get so heat for that. Mine was more internal than external is all. Trust me, plenty of guilt and shame over this.

As far as smarter? Smart doesn't leap from 1 vicodin to this without even questioning his doctors about the effects. I'm in this hell with ya because I'm an idiot (please refer to previous postings for documentation).

Well rest assured if the post physical stuff gets to me, everyone here will know it. I can't believe it has been a week since I quit. After day 3 it looking back it feels like everything went so fast. I wish there was a concrete day I could look forward to until this is all over. Like "Oh yeah on day 14 you'll be completely done" of course, I know this isn't possible because this is such a subjective thing. Right now things feel pretty okay, nothing stands out as really bothersome, just sore. Of course we know what happened last time I felt okay.