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Quote from Mike_NY:
I really feel like I want to use a little hydro.

The only thing stopping me right now is will power and the memory of what it leads to.

It's not enough...I need to get back to working the program...man I need a kick in the pants.



Mike I know how you feel. I want some right now too. I am not just saying that either. I have only been off of vikes for 3 weeks. I stopped the subutex over the weekend and the withdrawals are not bad at all but the darn cravings for vicodin are still there. There is a girl that sits next to me at work and she has got a boatload of vikes and she has already asked me if I want some because I was complaining that I have a headache.

I have said no thus far but I am thinking that I should have stayed on the subutex for another week or so. I do not want to go back to that horrid nightmare of taking vicodin and lying and making up stories to get them. I hate myself when I do that. The doctor shopping, the lies, the horrible irritability, the pill counting. I am so sick of this that I could yell.

If the cravings don't go away I am going to call my sub doctor and have him call in another weeks worth of subutex. At least with subutex I can function at work and I can take a very small dose to kill the cravings. I know that some people believe that taking suboxone or subutex is just substituting one drug for another but at least I can function on subutex as with vicodin I could hardly stay awake at work and was always in a terrible mood.

Mike you may want to consider some subutex for some short term craving management. This is tough and nasty I know what those stinking cravings are like. Try to be strong, get up and walk get, to a meeting right now, don't wait. You sound alot like me in that this addiction thing is a pride issue, I don't lie to think of myself as an addict or a junkie or dope fiend.

Stay tough, stay strong the craving won't kill you but the drugs will.

Quote from Mike_NY:
Thanks for the replies Andrew and Lynn..

I'm good right now, made some phone calls, and got active.

Not only will one pill lead to another, but have you noticed that no matter how long you have been off hydro after abusing it, you still feel just like you did the last time you took one? It never produces that "good" euphoria that we once experienced again.

I think I am on the far end of this craving curve and can see the light already beginning to shine...thanks again all.


Awesome Mike, congratulations!

I decided to call my sub doctor yesterday and he gave me 10 more subutex at 2 mg for another week and that should just about do it. I was very close to asking the gal that sits next to me yesterday at work for a few vicodins and she would of handed them over in a second. She has got an ongoing prescription and has about 200 hundred of them. She was ready to give me about 20 of them. Thank God I yanked myself up out of my chair and drove right over to the sub doctor and I told him what happened.

He did tell me to keep at least a couple of subutex around for the next year just in case I get another craving like that. I took 1 at 2 mg yesterday and 1 and a quarter today and the cravings finally went away, thank God.

Hang in there and if the cravings come back again like that stay strong. Again I don't want to overstate this and you may not like the idea but if things get really tough you may want to consider some short term subutex or suboxone. Just to get you past the hard times. I know that if I can stay off of vicodin for 90 days straight then I will finally have this thing licked once and for all. I have been off of vicodin now for about 23 days, and I have kept the subutex at a minimum even going two days at a time without taking any and I feel almost completely back to normal. The good thing is is that unless someone has wrecked their liver from all of the Tylenol that you get from vicodin that any damage that was done from taking it is completely reversable, more so then with alcohol, at least that is what I have read.

Anyway mike hang in there buddy and we are always here to help you out.

Pax Christi!