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How are you doing? Any better at all? I read your posts and thought i would jump in and give my 2 cents worth as just a few short months ago i was where you are at right now.

I was all the way up to the 75 MCG patches and also taking percocet or lortab (vicodin) 10/500 for the break through pain. I too decided that i wanted off the patches and told my doctor. So what he did was have me go down to the 50mcg patch and stay on that for a month, then i went down to the 25 mcg for a month, keeping my percocet or lortab dose the same. I them jumped off the patch with the perc/lortab dose staying the same. It was really hard but my doctor also prescribed the Clonodine (that is the blood pressure med that was mentioned in the previous post) to take that helped the hot and cold flashes as well as somewhat relaxes you and helps the restless leg syndrome. You may want to call your doctor and see if he will call you in a script for some to help you out for a few days.

Seeing how i have experienced it first hand, i would suggest to anyone if they are on a higher Duragesic patch than the 25 mcg that they wean down to the 25 mcg patch and stay on that at least a week or two before jumping off cold turkey. As the Duragesic is a very potent and powerful drug, and just getting off the 25 mcg is bad enough, i couldnt imagine jumping off of a 50 mcg patch.

I hope that i have helped at least a little. So if i were in your situation, i would wear a 25 mcg patch for a week or two then jump off while taking the prescribed dose of percocet. I would then slowly wean off the percocet to minimize the withdrawal.

Keep us posted.