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I was on vicodin for 2 and a half years 3-4 a day of reg strength. Now I have been taking Subutex for 3 weeks at 1 mg in the morning and one at night. I can go two days without it with little or no withdrawals. But I still have the vicodin cravings after about 36 hours with no Sub. My question is this, how long will this last? And am I just substituting one bad drug for another?

What are the views on Sub. I feel much better then I did when I was taking vikes but I want to be completely drug free. I want to wind this down and get off of this once and for all. I went the whole weekend without any Sub and the withdrawals were nothing but the vike craving came back yesterday really bad so I went back to my Sub doctor and got 10 more Subutex and he told me that I came off of the Sub too quick and to stay on it for about another week or two lowering the dosage.

You who know more about this then I do, please tell me if I am just switching drugs and am I only kidding myself or is the Sub a better route to go for the time being? My goal is to be completely drug free in the next 30 days. Please be honest and give it to me with both barrels. Nobody will hurt my feelings if you tell me that I am full of it and am just switching drugs. Thanks ahead of time for your advice.

Thanks for your response. The vicodin cravings are slowly starting to go away. I woke up this morning and virtually had no cravings at all nor did have that little Sub hangover that sometimes comes along with taking Sub. I got to work and only took 1 because my doctor wants me to stay on it for one more week. He told me to take a Sub whether I have a craving for vicodin or not at least for another week.

I guess my doc wants to make sure that this is nipped in the bud for good this time.

Talk with you later.