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I see you are still maintaining your low dose of vicodin. I think that's great...if the drop to 2 is too much, the go to 2.5....for 3 days or so. At this point, it's not a race and the extra bit isn't going to matter in the long run. What matters is you never go back up, never lose sight of what you are doing this for and NEVER stop telling yourself that your are doing a wonderful, positive, super difficult thing...celebrate that victory, Tracy.!!..this is a really big deal!.

Have you had a serious discussion with your physicians about the psychological aspects of what you are doing...depression, anxiety,etc.and the current meds you are on? It's all handleable if you know what's going on and you have places to go and friends to lean on if needed.

Anyway, I'm pulling for both you and your daughter.