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I have been going back and forth trying to get off of vicodin. Some times I am so disgusted with myself for getting addicted, I worry about my health and being found out by my employer and friends adn I cry myself to sleep. Then other times I'm so happy to have something that makes me feel GOOD. I told my doctor about it and I told him I could wean myself off, but then I discovered that I could buy the stuff online without a prescription! But now I'm going to run out of pills this weekend (how many times I have found myself in this situation, only to manage to get more some how). I went to a new doctor (my other one sent me to him for pain management) only to have him give me oxycodone. Is this the same as vicodin? I have been taking about 15 Lorcet 10/650 a day. I feel sick every morning, and irritable most days (so why do I say it makes me feel GOOD?). I have so much stress in my life (ok, so who dosen't) and I'm worried I'll have to check myself into detox but I can't take the time off work.
I don't know what kind of advice I'm looking for here... just needed to talk and scared of with drawls. I guess I'm also scared to take the oxycodone... it's only 5Mg .
Thanks to anyone out there.
I was addicted to vicodin too and I understand exactly what you are going through. Have you heard about out patient detox using subutex or suboxone? There are only certain doctors who can do this treatemnt but it works. I've done it. Let me know if you need any info or help finding a doctor.
Yep-felt the same way. Took 30 5 mg. vicodin per day-miserable, but could not function without them. Was so ashamed, scared, and lied all the time. You have got to get off them. You could overdose in your sleep. I am in intensive outpatient treatment. I got treatment from a psychiatrist's office and had already been treated for depression. I could have continued to work, maybe, but I was having a nervous breakdown and went on leave. They gave me suboxone and it was a miracle which helped after being miserable for two days. Really miraculous. Most inpatient program last from 2 to 4 days. They didn't put me in inpatient, so I know you can do it from a physician's office.
It sounds like YOU are halfway there, Benthere.... the longest I've made it without a pill is over night while I'm asleep! I'm now anxiously awaiting the UPS man with my "package". I have a bottle of oxycotin another docotor gave me, but I'm scared because I don't know the strength as compared to the vicodin I've been taking. I feel like such a loser.... if my friends knew about this ... well, I hate to think of what they would think of me. I keep telling myself I'll get off of them "later", but later never comes as long as I can get more. In the mean time I am moodier than ever and most times can't stand to be around myself. It's just that ocassional euphoria I wait and live for!
I wish you the best.... I don't know much about the suboxone, but there is some receipe I've seen posted here that is supposed to help w/the detox alot. I can't remember the name of it.... can someone else help ?
thanks for listening - cid
could someone give me a quick overview of what someone might be like/do/act/say if addicted to vicodin...?
Hey there, welcome to the board. :wave:

First to answer your oxy vs. hydro question. Oxy is stronger. Also, from what I can tell, more addictive. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I highly recommend that you don't switch, if I'm right, it will be harder for you.

If you can taper, I would taper. I can't taper. Or go the suboxone route. Or c/t. Whatever you have to do. I've only done c/t.

I was given vicodin for back pain and took it for years on and off somehow never noticing that it makes you feel good. Maybe some people have to take it a while to get that effect. Then, unfortunately, one day I noticed, and thus began the buying off the internet, stealing pills from my mother, etc. The last time I took it I took so many because I wasn't getting that deep bliss, that I made myself really, really sick, pinpoint pupils, the works. That was it for me. It gives me migraines and getting that sick finally kicked my craving. (But then I switched to Ambien and am having trouble with that).

Oh, and the lying. Telling my orthopedist I didn't like taking them, was there something else out there for the pain (can't take ultram), ending with a sigh, okay, I guess just refill my vicodin. Spent $1000s buying off the internet.

Withdrawal is bad, don't know how long you've been using, and when reality hits you when you stop it seems overwhelming. It sounds like you are going through a lot right now, and I know w/ my addictions I constantly tell myself, now is not a good time, when I've just gotten past this thing, I'll quit. And truly, there are times when it is really not good to detox. But this stuff you are going through seems long-term, and especially if you haven't been using a long time, it's better to quit sooner rather than later, the longer you use, the harder it gets.

This board was a lifesaver to me when I was detoxing a few weeks ago from Ambien. Not only getting feedback from others, but just reading others' posts who were going through a much harder time, kept me going. (I think my internet being out for a few weeks contributed to my falling off the wagon and why I'm up in the middle of the night :yawn: ).

Whatever you decide, there are many, many people here who've been through it, too, and we're all rooting for you!!

P.S. to proudwife: you should start a new thread, but to answer your question, there's lying, sneaking, hiding pills. If someone is clearly high but denies it (my sister's alcoholic husband does the same), then that's a bad sign. I'm sure others can answer better than I.
Well, the UPS man didn't come and I feel physically awful. The only way I know to describe it is like I have anti-freeze going thru my veins. I took an oxy hoping it would help... it didn't so I took another. I guess the ones I have aren't as strong at the vicodin.... well, duh I WAS taking 3 of the vic at a time. Every couple of hours. I worry about how am I going to go to work tomorrow when I know I'll be feeling worse? But I know what I really n eed to do is take a week off work and check into rehab. Do I have to get my doctor to check me in or can I do it myself? Maybe my real reason for not wanting the doc to know is I want him to give me more vics later? I feel like I don't even know myself any more. I sure don't like myself, but that's nothing new. Now I just have more reason to. I've been taking Ambien every night to help me sleep and also Lexipro for depression. I'm surprised at what doctors will give me sometimes. They just want to write prescriptions.
Benthere... sometimes I feel like I hit the bottom and then bounced back up. But I'm spending a fortune on these things and you're right... ti's going to catch up with me sooner than later.
Sk777... I tried tapering, but I have no willpower! If I have pills around, I'm going to take them. There's always something going on that I "need them". Like I get so irritated at someone at work so I pop a few pills (uh, hello I think it's the pills that make me so irritaable in the first place?), and I feel better for a while. I did the SAME thing with my [email protected]!!! Sigh! Well, OK... if you INSIST I'll take the medication! This is so much harder than anything I've faced.
thanks for being there... this is a great board!
Hello, this is my first time to post. I have been on Vicodin for a year. I started out using them after having a lot of dental work. I ended up taking 3 0r 4 a day. This is day seven of getting of of them. It has been horrible! Night sweats, severe anxiety and depression. My doctor gave me 6 Klonopin to help me sleep and told me after 2 days I was through the worst of it. Well. guess what, it got worse. I am a little better now the anxiety is the hardest to deal with, it just hits me in waves. Can anyone give me any hope as to when this will ease up? Sometimes I feel like I am losing it!
Boy I feel like such a wimp!!! Here all of you are off and into your days, months, etc clean and I can't even get thru day ONE just having switched from vicodin HP to oxycodone! I guess the oxy is alot weaker, but I read it might be time released, so I'm afraid to take too many. I have been sick to my stomache, horrible headache, constantly running to the bathroom, and unable to get any work done (I'm supposed to be working on my house so I can put it up for sale since my husband is divorcing me). I don't know HOW you can go to work like this! What type of work do you do, benthere? It sounds like you have an art store.... so does my husband, but he gets no customers. Still he'd rather be there than with me.
I tried to sleep today, but without taking an Ambian. Next I'll have to get off of those, but I wouldn't be able to sleep AT ALL with out them!
Good for you Tinker.... I hope I can say I am where you are at soon.... i really admire you all who are doing this on your own at home. I think I will have to check into rehab.
Cid Your not a wimp, your not ready yet. When you make up your mind the rest will
come easy.
The oxycodone is stronger than Vicodin or Hydo. The reason you see more about
the Hydo's in here is the Oxycodone ( Percocet) is harder to get. Oxy. is Class 2
and Hydo is Class 3. That's what my dumd doc. told me. lol I went to him and asked
for help to get off them and he said here just take 20 more. So I went back and asked
for Per.'s and that is what he said.
I went back and looked, first you said Oxyctoni. They're stronger!
I just looked and it's Day 12. New ground for me tomorrow. I've never been pass
12 days before. I wish I could run on to 3:00 am and start the next day.
Cid I do have a art gallery. Me and my wife are potter's.
Hope you have a good day and everyone in here.
Is it possible to become addicted to vicodin if you only take one or two pills a day?? I broke my hip and began using it for pain..I got a efil even though my pain level was much better.. and i mainly take the vicodin when I am going to do physical therapy or try to stretch my body ut etc..it just makes it less painful..now however, I find that even if I'm feeling just fine i may take one (actually I have 10/750's which i break in half..so i actually only take 1 or 2 full tablets..the thing is..I start to get nervous now that I see the bottle is half full..and I really don't have an excuse to get more..I am stunned when I read about people who take 20-30 pills a day..how do you function..if I take two at a time it makes me have to go lie down and then I feel sick to my stomach..anyway..my main question is is it possible to become addicted when only taking one or two pills??
Hey there fellow Vicodin Addicts. I am on day six of no little white pills. I came off a real good 90 Extra Stregnth bender in a weeks time. My last purchase I bought 50 and I had this big plan to slowly wean myself down over time. What an idiot to think i could do that. I chowed down those 50 in four days, and that's when my habit ended in the severe WD's I've enjoyed all week, but I am starting to feel human again, so will everyone else if they just ride the storm out. I went cold turkey, the only way to go. You gotta feel the hurt, so you won't want to go through it again.
Someone asked a while back in this thread if there are any signs someone may be a Vicodin abuser. That's the beauty, and the allure of the drug. It's a fully funtional, no one knows you are on it, wonder drug. You can work on it, go to family functions on it, and you can even run a 10k while on the Vicodins as I did this summer. I guess one sign would be unaccounted spending. That is what is bringing my habit to a hault(amoung other reasons, like it's a bad habit). As my need increases(I remember when four a day was good), my ability to sneak enough money out of the bank account without my wife getting suspicious, is about gone. Even when you have bad days when you run out, one can just tell their spouse they had the flu as I did this week going through my WD's. I hate the one day at a time slogan of AA, I use the term, NEVER AGAIN.