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I have been on benzos since 1995. I recently went inpatient cut cold turkey Xanax with a Serax comedown, come to find out that the second time I went in to psychological withdrawal, was given Ativan/Lorazepam which is a benzo - medications I want no part of anymore. Getting ready to move into a 90 day sober living home, to kick the Vicodin once more and hopefully get off the Ativan.
My question: am I fooling myself, detoxing a VERY nasty detox of the benzo Xanax after being on it for over a year and a half (10mg a day), then 'switching' to another benzo - Ativan? The doctor gave his ok, but what about my ok, and right now I'm not feeling ok about it. I am an addict, and the detox off of Xanax was something I never want to do again. I was dizzy, headaches, sweats, and the worst part was that it felt like my whole face was shot up with Novocaine, it went numb for about a week, and I kept twitching, I couldn't feel my face! Narcotic withdrawal was a cakewalk compared to the Xanax kick.

Any suggestions/experience/feedback would be greatly appreciated, I feel like I'm in a catch 22 crapshoot.

Thank you.