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you might want to shy away from the ultracet...most Dr's will tell you it is non narcotic, but it is Ultram/Tramadol with tylonol in it....you can look up several posts on here about Tramadol and or Ultram withdrawls, they are supposed to be worse than Vicodin or Lortab?...something about siezures, either while withdrawling or if you take to high of a dose?...I'm not sure, have never taken it, but have read a few posts on here about it.

Good luck with your surgery and be PROUD of those 4 days....you definatly have earned it!!!! :bouncing:

Angel :angel:
There shouldn't be any withdrawls after just two days of Vicodin, but the craveings will drive you mad.....I had a tooth pulled about a month ago and ended up with something called a dry socket?..I tried everything, but ended up back at the dentist, who knew about my addiction, he precribed ONE 2.5mg vicodin, I suffered through another 24 hours of pain scared to death to take it, but finally the pain was so bad it hurt to open my left eye, so I gave in...if DID help ease the edge off, did NOT eliminate my pain, but just that one tiny dose....sent me reeling, wanting more, it was the most awful thing I have ever gone through....so no more for me at this point they could remove my entire head and I will never do that to myself again...lol :D

Right now, for you, being at day 4, you think nothing could be worse than the last 4 days...I remember them all tooo well, but just be careful of the craveings, maybe you could let your DR know and he/she could only give you a two or three day supply to take home with you, so that temptation wont be there?....try the toradol, there is NO High feeling, but your pain will be totally GONE...it really does work well...

We are here for you either way and even if you slip, come back, we have all slipped fallen crashed, jumped ship pulled up the anchor...been there and done that....so don't worry no one will judge...

Angel :angel: