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Can't you just step down your dose. Withdrawls from opiates don't last more than a weektypically. I had my wisdom teeth out and it took about 4 days for me to realize how high I had been taking percocet and vicodin regularly. I was on them a week and stopped and never noticed any desire to take more.

Probably about 2 months after, after getting curious I ended up messing around with the rest of the pills when I'd go out, and ultimatley decided to save the rest for nights I couldn't sleep. That can be a dangerous slope since it is better than drinking and healthwise is probably better (or so you reason). And it certainly maeks a boring day at work better too. I think you should step down your dose and take something else for pain.

You've probably built up some resistience to it. You could try tramadol although I never found that to work very well on pain or hydro to be a very effective painkiller, both get you high more than anything, not to mention dizzy as you said, and tramadol a bit of an antidepressant as well. But even 2.5mh oxy, half a percacet was enough to reverse some really bad pain into feeling ok without the impairment. It's less intoxifying than hydro by 5x for equivalent analgesia.

That could handle your pain and keep your dose low enough so you don't get addicted to it. 30mg of hydro at once is a lot, let alone 8 pills, I've never taken more than 15 at once but found it made me quite dizzy. I can see how for bad pain you might need that much as hydro might not be as effective on you as some people like Our brains all respond differently.

Either way you're taking too much narcotic too often for too long. I can't say you are really to blame b/c to kill bad pain using only hydro requires large doses, which build dependence.
And remember If you want it to remain effective as a painkiller you can't have tolerance.

See about getting percocet and taking as little as you can. 5mg is plenty really. They make 10mg time release oxycontin I believe. Can you be trusted not to abuse it? It'd be hard to find many doctors to give that out for occasional pain anyway b/c they don't trust patients. I can't go to the doctor and tell him to give norco for sleeping either even though i'm sure it probably works better than ambien, which to me sounds like a scaier drug. But change something man, maybe you find you don't need anything?