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Ask any physician for a liver functions test. It is just a blood test.

My husband had colon cancer 3 years ago and it took this long to metastisize to his liver. This week he has a biopsy scheduled and will probably start chemo after that. Thank you for your concern.

I also did many drugs in high school and college. Then I quit for a long while and changed over to prescription drugs. First it was for migraines and I still wasn't taking them everyday. But enough to realize that I wanted to take more. After my husband got sick 3 years ago I was taking Zanax, Klonapin etc..... Weaned off those only to start taking Vicodin, ambien and ultracet for a bad back. It's been over a year and many pills a day. I thought I thought I was doing great and really I was isolating myself and crying a lot. I finally fiqured out that I wasn't just getting high I was killing myself. This is when I decided I had enough and didn't want the pills to run me. I was going to, and did, take my life back! It is now 21 days and I feel so much better. Granted there are setbacks like yesterday where I actually longed for the old days. But I remembered the old days were tearful and counting pills is a crappy way to live. I guess I am rambling and I hope that this helps you. Please post often and let us know how you are doing. Take care.

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