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first of all thank you for responding, i am new at this. i have had so many surgeries i have lost count so of course pain killers are needed. i started with vicodin last year a couple here and there. for about two months now i have been taking percs sometimes 10 a day, i am so ashamed, i never wanted to become an addict. i dont want any help from physicians nor rehab centers, i would really like to do this on my own, i am a strong person but am afraid to do this cold turkey. i work in a hospital (no where near medications) and want to get my life in order, a little pill can destroy everything, you get high, then tired, dont even care about going out with my boyfriend clubbing because the drugs have made me lose the desire. i do not want my family involved, my sister n law is due anyday now with her 3rd child after the death of one last year. i want to be clean and the cheerful outgoing person i was, not the tired unhappy person i am now. i do take zoloft daily which i've heard will help my depression. i was told bananas with help with leg pain, and i also have nerve pills to help sleep. should i start by tapering off, will it make it less painful, i am terrified if i just quit, i might have a heart attack or something, i want to be me again. thanx to all of you reading this, would the local GNC have something that may help, i am strong and confident that i can and will do this, my mind is made up. i sure hope i can find the replies to this.