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Hi everyone... I am new to this board and have a couple of questions...

First of all, I have been on different pain meds for years for a painful medical condition. First I was on vicodin, then oxycontin, then back to vicodin (because the dependency on the oxy was scaring me) for several years. Well it had gotten to the point that I felt I was taking just way too many pills etc... and not always as prescribed. I told my doc, and since I have to be on something to stop my extreme pain he thought it might be beneficial to switch to methadone. I picked up my prescription two weeks ago. The pharmacist explained the instructions to me, and then I came home and put them right into my weekly pill dispenser along with my anti-depressant etc... and then threw the bottle away like I do with most of my meds. I was SURE the pharmacist told me it was 3 pills per day for 2 weeks and then it would go down to 1 pill per day after that. So that is how I have been taking them. Last night I pulled out the pamphlet that comes with the prescription to look at some of the side effects. On the instruction part it says 3 pills per day for ONE week. So I have completely screwed them up and now have one left for today.

My question is, has this happened to anyone? I have to call my DR tomorrow (he is out today) and tell him. I am scared that he is not goign to re-fill it and then I am going to go into withdrawel. I have only been on the methadone for two weeks but have been on some sort of pain killer for the last 5 years. My doctor has always been very understanding but I know that they can get weird about pain meds. I have never, ever, had anything like this happen before. I have never called for a script early or anything like that. Do you think that he is going to understand or am I going to be left out in the cold? I am really worried and scared about going thru withdrawel.

Any advice/help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Well here is the story of how I switched. Last year I went to see a pain management doctor for a consult which he then passed onto my doctor. He at the time really wanted me to try methadone but I said (at the time) I would rather stick to what I knew whidh was the vics and then he gave his recommendation for how many per month etc... but said to give the methadone some thought. A couple of weeks ago I called my doctor and talked with him about what HE thought. I was sick of having to take SO many vicodin and what it would be doing to my stomach etc... He said he thought switching to the methadone would be beneficial. I told him I would think about it and get back to him the next day. I called the next day and spoke with his nurse and told her I decided to give it a try. She then called back later that afternoon and said he had written out a script and I would have to come in and pick it up from her at the front desk. That was it. They didn't even discuss how many per day etc... That came in a quick explanation from the pharmacist. All the nurse said was to call when I was out to pick up a new script. So I don't even know why he was weaning me down? I didn't even realize that that was even unusual until I started reading on this board?

I guess at the time, I didn't think anything of it. I hate the fact that I have to be dependent on these meds though. And after reading on this board... I feel it even more. I would LOVE to be off meds completely. I just don't know how I will be able to manage my pain then? I am completely confused now.
I have done the same thing with my pills. Of course, I tell myself I need to take more because my pain is worse than usual. But I know what you mean. Why do I feel that need? Then like you said, I would be short at the end of the month. THEN I really would get worse pain and be out of luck. It would just make me feel so stupid. Sometiems it's like that more I try to limit myself, and the more determined I am to do so, the more I screw it up. It's weird. It's like I'm defying myself? Makes no sense.

No, feel free to speak about whatever you need to with me. It won't affect me and make me want to takee more. So don't worry about that! But thanks for being concerned. I'm hoping that I will be able to resist any tempation and hopefully won't have any break through pain... The hardest part for me will be that it is the weekend. When I am at work , I can push it out of my mind and not think about the meds so much. When I am at home on my own it is an entirely different story.

Oh yeah, I smoke SOOO much when I am on the methadone. I used to have the same problem when I took vicodin too. I wonder why that is? I used to only smoke about 1/2 a pack a day and could not smoke at all for a couple of days without it bugging me. I just liked it. But when the amount of vic's I was taking a day started going up, the amount of cigarettes I smoked went up with it. But I am single and have a ton of debt and bills and lately I have been just soooo broke. My mom bought me a carton the last time I had no money for cigarettes (she smokes a TON). So I can't really ask her again. So now, my predicament is having about 60 bucks left out of my check I got today after paying bills and rent, 30 of that will automatically go to pet food (damned spoiled animals!!!), so then I have 30 left to either buy cigarettes or food for myself? That shouldn't even be a question. Stupid nicotine. And my brother will normally help me out with money if needs be but he is broke right now to because he had some dental work done. Ugh. I guess i will buy 15 worth of cigs and 15 worth of food. I can get a couple of boxes of cereal and a million packs of Rammen. I have lots of food in the cupboards, but it is all stuff you have to make, and I am not very into cooking. I hate it actually... but I guess I'll have to suck it up and Betty Crocker it for the next two weeks! (Betty Crocker on methadone...what a picture...he he he)
Thanks for the advice Dave. I do have pain every day. It is just better and more tolerable on some days on others I can barely walk or breathe. I was on vicodin for years and years for this condition and took "as needed". It go to the point where I had built an incredible tolerance to it and it barely worked anymore. I had to take so much of it and then the Tylenol in it would just wreak havoc on my stomach. So my doc sent me to a pain management doctor for a consult and he wanted me to go on a stronger med that would be more effective (since the vics weren't really working anymore), long lasting, and that I could take smaller dosages of. Back when I was first diagnosed they put me on oxycontin. Well, I couldn't tolerate the time release, every time it released it gave me terrible headaches. Because I already had a history of migraines they had to take me off of the oxy. That is when I started just taking the vicodin. So oxy was out of the question and then the pain management doc decided that I should try methadone and that is how I ended up taking this drug. Now that I have been on it it for a couple of weeks and have had a chance to do some more reseaerch on it... I'm not sure if it is the drug for me.... Thanks for the input and advice though! I can use all the advice and information that I can get!