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You have got to be kidding me here! :o
Just when you think that there might be something better than that stupid Neurontin...yikes!
No wonder my team of Dr.'s was not anxious to give it to me.
I guess I'm better off that a lot of RSD'ers...I'm totally off of the Oxycotin and the only thing I use now is the Neurontin...of course for the break through pain I have the Vicodin.
Wow...When I start mine (the L. drug!) I will only be on 2 N.'s a day..one in the am. one in the late afternoon and the L. at bedtime..then they will see how I do..Now, of course I am a bit apprehensive of it all...Just happy to be out of my wheel-chair and where I go from this will be only better than were I was.
I just love this board and how much care and love there seems to be given to all of us.
Thank you so much for all your help and for the sharing of your own trials with RSD..
Have a blessed week.
Evening all, or should say Good Morning? :wave:
I can't tell you how glad I am that I found this board..
Even though we each have different areas that are effected with this RSD/CRPS and different pain levels...we are none the less in the same boat.
We can learn from each other and that is so good, at least for me it is.
When I read what some of you fine folks have been through,well, it makes mine look like a walk in the park.
I've only had this new addition to our family for 22 months and right now my daily pain level doesn't seem to go above a FIVE! It has been so much worse but right now it stays at about an 2! That is a good thing indeed.
I do find myself playing Dr.! Don't we all.
Last Easter while I was visiting friends I decided I would go off all my meds. NOT WISE! :nono:
By the fourth day I was a real mess...But, did I learn a lesson? NO!
I am playing Dr. right now..
I'm suppose to be taking my 800MG's of Neurontin FIVE times a day...but like I have said before, I was so tired all the time I decided to cut back a little at a time..Now, I'm down to 3 a day with the 800 MG.'s!
Off the Oxycotin altogether and don't ever want to see that little pill again..not even sure that it helped me that much. :o
For my pain, when it gets to at least a 4 or 5, then I take the Vicodin.
Right now I am researching, like I know you all have done, to see if there are herbs and vitamins that I can take to help me.
I know there is no cure for this.. :confused:
When my physical therapist had his heart to heart with me 20 months ago, it was he that made me see that I might have this the rest of my life..
I'll never forget that day..there I sat up on his table and he was asking me "where do you see yourself 6 months from now?" I just looked at him..I said, "well, maybe the same way I am now????" He said..."And a year from now?" and "2 years from now?" and "Perhaps till the day you die?"...with that I burst into tears...He was so kind and great with me.. :angel:
But, I know he had to make me see this for what it is...a new member of our family..!!!
So, when I read the things most of you have had to suffer and how long you have had this..
I count myself blessed to be in the state I am! :)
What a great bunch of folks you are and how kind you are to share the deepest parts of yourself! :)
I pray that each of you will find peace and have some pain free days or at least moments!
I am learning to really rest in those moments when they come and be thankful.
Have a great week-end.. :jester:
Thanks for letting me post this long letter...and thanks so much for all your help with my questions...Please forgive my grammatical and spelling errors.