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I can totally relate. I am 20 yers old and just received my first spinal fusion T10-L1. I have had this pain for 5 years and they started me on simple anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, physical therapy, a back brace...hoping those would limit my pain. It didnt...it took me 31/2 years before i found a pain management doctor that would prescribe me the meds i needed. The first appt with her i was scheduled for facet joint injection in L1-L5 and she gave me a scrip for vicodin. A few months later the vicodin wasn't working anymore so they put me on morphine. I lost almost 20 lbs on the morphine in a month (and im a very small person. 5'1'' and after i lost the weight i weighed about 89 lbs.) So they changed me to dilaudid which i was on for about 8 months. I finally found a surgeon to do the fusion and had surgery 17 days ago. Im doing ok, sitting up and walking. No bending, or lifting, or driving for 3 months. But the pain is still bad, hopefully just from the surgery, and incisoin pain. They have me on oxycodone and its working wonders my surgeon is only giving me enough for the 3 weeks though. I have to go back to the pain management doctor to get more. (which she already said she would give me, because she knows how surgeons dislike prescribing pain killers) The only problem i really had was over the weekends when i cant get to my PM doctor cause she's closed, or if she's on vacation. Her office is also 1 1/2 hours from my house so i cant just run down there and pick up a scrip. I've landed myself in the ER for running out of pain meds and my normal physician wont write the scrip for that heavy of a pain killer, even with all my PM doctors notes and my charts. So make sure y'all dont get stuck like i did. Hope all is well with everyone. Keep the Faith! :angel: