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Hey Jon,

No reason I can think of. The new pcp I went to see changed me to Avinza because he thought I was at a very high dose (100 mcq q48 hrs.) and if it didn't control my pain any better than level 5, then he would be uncomfortable prescribing that high of a dose or going any higher. :rolleyes: I was also using 6/7.5 lortabs per day which put me at 449 mgs daily. That is not a "high" dose as far as I am concerned. I have been in pm for 8 years which doesn't included the 2 years prior of having the 3 spine surgeries and all of the vicodin, lortabs, norco, etc. I took. I am now at a dose of 360 mgs. morphine. He put me into withdrawal the first week when he only prescribed 120 mgs. :confused:

I was pretty upset as you can imagine. I hope you never have to change your doc. I am glad to see it is working for you. Do you ever have feelings of withdrawal when you get cold or cool, or at during the night wake up feeling like that?