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Hello all:

I'm in a bit of a quandry here...I moved from a smallish town in OR to a big city in GA. I currently take 30mgs of methadone twice a day with vicodin 5/500 (two) twice a day for breakthru.

I've posted before about the Big City problems for those w/o health ins. Well, I just got a job that has health ins. My daughter saw the doc for back pain and while I was there I showed her the letter from my doc in OR about my pain management regimine. She had no problem prescribing the same for me.

The problem is that I am experiencing more pain or b/t pain since I started working (I do desk work so nothing physical or anything), but my pain level has increased or my dosage has reached a plateau.

Doc's that I've seen here at the "big medical center for those w/o insurance" claim that using methadone to treat chonic pain is a rarely done. In fact, they are astonished at the amount of methadone I take daily.

Well, my new doc pretty much said that she could prescribe what my old doc in OR was giving me (which isn't cutting it anymore as far as the pain goes especially with my job). So....

Do I have her give me something different? Methadone works really well for me when given in the right dosage...it seems to work better when I take the 30mgs in the early am, then another 30 about 7 hours later, followed by 15 4 to 5 hours after that.

The reason I'm on the methadone is purely financial as I lost my health ins when I lost my job. But..the methadone seems to work better than the oxycontin I was taking.

The new doc I'm seeing is a primary care phys. She actually made my daughter sign a pain management contract...my daughter is only 16 and has back pain..and she had her sign the contract just for 60 vicodin.

I'm worried that she will not increase the methadone since the letter from my doc in OR states the 30mg bid. I really need more than that at this point...I think I need to be taking 30 first thing in the morning (which is about 5am, then another 30 around noon and 15mg at about 9 or 10 pm.) This schedule seems to work well for me as I have been able to try it out cause I have a few extra methadone pills.

The Oxy gave me too many side effects. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding what other meds I should try, or any input on the methadone tolerance issues???

Thanks for reading this ultra-long post!