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well as far as the ultram, i to am on that for severe lower back pain do to spine instabilty and ddd at 2 levels in lumbar spine. i am also taking vicodine. (2 50 mg tabs of ultram and 2 7.5 750 vicodin 3 times a day) i told my comp doctor that the ultram was barely helping with the pain and he gave me ultram but it is a different kind and it seems to help better but yes i to hate to call the doc for painkillers and hate to tell him that the meds are not working and that i need a stronger script.. it does make you feel like a junky, get a load of this, last year my medical persciptions insurance was maxed out and i had to start paying 60 percent of the meds and at that time i was taking oxycottin, duregesic,flexeral, percocet, you name it i was on it. so i asked the pain management doctor if there was a cheaper drug that was the same potency that was cheaper, he said there is only one he can think of and that is methadone. so i had no choice because it was getting to exspensive, and took the new perscription, when i went to the pharmacy each month they looked at me like i was a heroin addict because meth is used also for heroin addiction, they didnt come out with comments but i felt really funny like i was a junky waiting in line to get my fix, it was horrible. if you have uncontrllable pain then ask your pm doc, im sure he will give it to you just tell him you want to continue seeing him for oral pain management. as far as surgery goes if you tryied all non operative efforts and have no positive results then maybe you should consider it. i know surgery is scary and you want to put it off butt you cant live on pain killers for the rest of your life and the persciptions will just get stronger and stronger due to your body building a tolerance for them, good luck with your problem, try not to feel embaressed you have to do what you have to do.... :)