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[FONT=Garamond]I don't know if that is normal or not, but I am having issues with a new filling too. I just had a amalgam replaced with composite yesterday...and was fine for about 3 hours after the filling. Went to lunch with my kids...ate a salad with some bleu cheese, when the cheese and the cold salad hit that tooth #14 it sent a shock through me. This pain....can be best described and extreme sensitivity, like when you eat ice cream with your front teeth...and it hurts...does that make sense? But a million times worse...and it lasted the rest of the night. No pain pill would touch it...over the course of the evening, I took 3 vicodin and probably 1800-2000 mg of ibuprofin..and nothing. The pain also spread to some other teeth...I do believe that this is called referred pain. This morning...I woke up ....and the pain I felt the night before was gone. I still haven't been brave enough to eat anything too cold on that tooth, because when I did eat something that we just a little colder than room temp...I felt a twinge...but at least I can function. So, I don't know if am loving these composite fillings...never had this issue with the amalgams. Yes, I know the arguement for both sides of the fillings debate. I hope that things improve for you...I would worry a little about it being sensitive to touch though. Have you contacted your dentist? I did mine...and she said that this was normal, and I should give it a couple of weeks. Good luck...I hope it improves for you. :wave: [/FONT]