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I too am a TMJ sufferer and sadly this does not surprise me in the least. I am not saying it is right, but it does not surprise me. Dentists, of all people, don't seem to thing this disorder is painful enough to justify giving scripts for pain meds. My old oral surgeon was very stingy with the pain meds, but had no problem repeatedly performing surgery on me. Bad enough to warrant 4 surgeries, but not bad enough for a couple of vicodin? What the heck? I would not go back to this dentist, I would find a real TMJ dentist, one who specializes in treating TMJ, and one who belongs to at least one of the following organizations: American Academy of Orofacial Pain, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain or oops, sorry brain is not functioning, there was one other pain organization whose name escapes me right now. If they belong to at least one these organizations, chances are they know something about pain and treating it appropriately. I hate to suggest you go to the ER, because you are likely to get treated even worse there. How about your primary care doc? What is his/her philosophy on pain meds? Perhaps he could help you out. I know my old primary care doc was worse than the old oral surgeon. I have since given both of them the boot and have found more compassionate and caring doctors. I will not be treated like that anymore. If I even sense it coming, I am out the door. I am not a drug seeking junkie, I am a person in pain, seeking medication to get out of pain. And so are you.

I didn't even specifically ask for narcotics, i just told him to give me anything at all, ANYTHING!! and he would not prescribe me anything! Not even a non narcotic muscle relaxer like Flexeril! he said there is absolutely no kind of medicine out there that will help this. And the sad thing is that when my TMJ was real bad i was seeing an excellent compassionate dentist, and he was giving me Flexeril 5mg. and Vicodin ES and i was pain free and feeling fine. I was seeing him for about 4 months and then the last time i seen him he wrote my prescriptions and when i took them to the pharmacy they told me they had called the doctor because i just had a prescription of Ultram filled (which i did not) and he said to not fill my prescriptions, they mixed me up with the other person there with my same name and even filled it under my insurance and she paid my co-pay and everything, they would not admit there mistake and the doctor discharged me as a patient. I could not believe this had happened. Since it was filled under my insurance it came up on my list that doctors can pull up to see what drugs you are getting from where and it voided my pain contract, and then i was screwed to say the least. But i myself have never even taken ultram before and never have i had it prescribed to me. Like i said the pharmacy would not admit there mistake to my doctor or to me really. Was there anything i could have done about that? i even went to my insurance company. What a freak thing to happen huh? Now i am going to have a hell of a time trying to find a dentist again especially because i have state insurance!