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Lol, Bcruth, I wouldn't ever say just to change your diet!

I KNOW diet does not cause IBS!

It 'can' help some people, but with some people, like me and you, it doesn't make too much of a difference.

Of course, I'm not going to go out and eat a whole pizza, that would just be crazy.

Have you read up on Asimadoline? Its in trials for IBS pain. I don't really know the exact mechanism of action of the drug, but it is a "kappa opioid agonist."

Maybe Dave or someone might know exactly what that means... all I know is that it has more "pain-killer" properties than any other IBS drug to date. Basically its not derived from opium, but it does have opiate like properties.. So it is something to look forward to, since we both benefited from pain medicine.

Have you tried probiotics? There is a new one out by Align that was shown to be of direct benefit to IBS patients in their trials... It contains Bifantis.

I know exactly what you mean about the pain killer thing.

When I was given Vicodin when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, my IBS 100% went away. I've been trying to find a doctor to RX opiates forever; however, I have not had much luck in finding one.

Have you tried Lyrica or Neurontin? My gastro dr. gave me that as an off-label treatment.. and later Lyrica. They did help with the pain.. not a full fix, but definitely helped manage.

What about Lotronex, have you tried that?