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Pdawg - I used to be in vicodin for my chronic pain. I took 2 every 4 hours. For the past year it has been barely touching my pain. My doc then tried oxycone. 2 every 4 hours once again but still, not getting my pain below a 6-7 EVER. So my doctor sent me to the pain management doctor within my clinic and she has prescribed methadone. I started at 30mg per day. I have told the pharmacy that I will NOT take methadose on the recommendation of others on this board (thanks Director! :) ) and only take methaDONE. 30mg is the lowest dose that my doctor starts patients at. After about 2 weeks I was increased to 40mg/day because while it was definitely working better than anything else had, it was quite the pain relief my doc wanted me to have. Well 40mgs is working GREAT for me. My pain is only at a 2-3. I can actually function again. Able to take my dog for walks again, do my housework,etc... I couldn't do ANY of those things when I was on vicodin or oxycodone. It just wasn't strong enough anymore, I had been on it too long and my tolerance was too high. The methadone has been a miracle drug for me.

You mentioned having difficulty going to the bathroom. Did you mean uriniating? One of the side effects of methadone can be urine hesitancy. I have had this problem too. It isn't harmful though from my understanding. At least it has not caused any problems for me. It's mostly just been annoying. I have heard too that for some people, this side effect goes away over time.

So if the opportunity arises, I would really recommend trying the methadone again, only this time only use methaDONE and not methadose. It is definitely a stronger medication than the norco or tylenol 4 so I would think that if you give it some time it would be more effective than either of those for your pain relief. I know it has been for me. It's amazing how much better I feel.