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Hello all, I just got hired to this company in the town where I live and I have to be drug tested, My doc prescribed vicodin's because I have seriously severe menstrual cramps, will this medicine show up as a illegal drug in my system? I really wanted the employer know about my condition on the interview but I didn't think that it was wise because they might think that I may use my condition to call in sick or something.
Hi Admir, They will give you a form to fill out before your test asking what medications you have been taking. Just include the vicodins on there and then you might also want to bring the bottle with your with the doctors name on it. You shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck to you! ~Fabby :wave:
Thank-you all for your comments, my drug urinalysis is friday and I'm really happy that you all gave me some advice. My cycle was at the beginning of the year so I have not needed the vicodins since then. I'm just hoping that they have cleared out of my system by friday, I'll just take my prescription bottle to be on the safe side. Once again, Thank you
I agree that you should mention the meds before you take the drug test. Otherwise it might seem like you were trying to "hide" it from them. Sometimes before you take a drug test they will actually ask you if you have anything in your system that might pop up on the test. Just say that you have a prescription for vicodin that you take on an "as needed" basis. As long as your job does not require anything like driving, etc... I can't see how it could make a difference in if you are hired or not. I am on pain meds and my boss knows all about them. She even knows that sometimes I have to take them at work, etc... I have a desk job so she knows that the meds do not affect my job performance at all.