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Here is a little info first; my hubby was diagnosed in 12/2004 with mild spina bifida, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and a few other back problems that I can't remember. They have told him that he is not a candidate for surgery as there is nothing to attach anything to because he has the spine of a 90 year old man{he is 46}. The only thing that they can do is try to control the pain. So far he has been on oxycontin, methadone, loratab, vicodin, dilaudid, and he has had epidural injections. He sees a neuroligist and also this doctor is a pain managemnt doctor, but the only thing he is trying to do is give him vicodin and ESI's which are not working anymore. Does anyone know of any other meds or treatments that maybe we could suggest to this doctor and maybe he would be willing to try.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.