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You should go to your doctor and be completely honest with them about your problem with the meds and that you are still in pain. I had the SAME problem Debzie. I had legitimate pain and had been on vicodin for years. Well, over time they just did not cut it for my pain so I found myself taking more, and more, and more. I was running out early all the time and would feel w/d symptoms because I had gotten my body so used to taking "too much" of the vic's. Finally I went to my doctor and told them my problem, that I was taking more than prescribed, that my pain was still out of control, and that I felt I had a problem with the meds because I was taking too many. MY thought was that I wanted to go off because I felt I was getting addicted and was scared out of my mind. My doctor's told me that going of my meds is not realistic with my pain condition. They got me in with a pain managment doctor who now has prescribed methadone. I started at 30mg and now am up to 40mg a month later. It has worked wonders on my pain. And I have found now that my pain is being controlled, I don't have the urges to take more pills than prescribed. But I do also have my brother hold my meds, just in case. I don't want to ever even come close to having trouble with the pills again.

So basically, to make a long story....well evne longer ;).... It sounds like you are having the same problem I was. You are taking too much of the pain meds. But you also say your pain is still prominent which means the meds aren't working for it. So it is possible that your problem with taking the meds is stemming from the desire to cure your pain. If you can find a med that works better on your pain it could help with both of your problems, the pain and the taking too many of your other pills.

Also, I was terrified to tell my doctor. I thought they were goign to label me an addict and cut me off and want nothing to do with me anymore. But when doctor's deal with these sorts of medications that they KNOW can be addictive, they are prepared for these sorts of problems. I was so scared and when I finally got the nerve to come clean with them and to ask them to help me, I found it was the best thing I could have done. And they weren't judgmental in the least.

Good luck!
Debzie - As I said before, I had a similar problem. I was not taking my vicodin as prescribed AND I have a chronic pain condition that makes it pretty much impossible for me to ever go off pain meds. Like yours, that was my doctor's opinion even though they knew of my addiction problems and worries.

Your doc said he wants you to try and get back down to a tolerable amount of the lortabs... BUT, my concern about that is that even if you do get yourself down that low addiction-wise... because you have raised your tolerance to the medication SO much is that even going to TOUCH your pain??? What would be the point of continuing on the medication that you are SO worried about being addicted to if it is not even going to treat your pain anymore... that is what my doc's thought about my vicodin at least.

As I said before, have you thought about switching to a medication like methadone? That is what my doctors have done for me and I am SOOOO much happier now. I do not feel "high" from it when I take it so I am not urged, like I was with the vicodin, to take more than prescribed. It also seems to have curbed my desire for that high as well. I have no desire to try and take more, or to seek out other opiates anymore. AND it is more effective on my pain then the other pain pills EVER were.... Maybe methadone would work for you as well? Treat your pain AND you addiction all in one. It might be worth at least TALKing you to your doctor about?
I guess the question I want to know the answer to is WHY are you taking the Lortab? Are you taking them because you are in physical pain or emotional pain? I am a recovering addict and have been clean and sober for almost 17 years. But I am also a chronic pain sufferer and have had to take narcotic pain medication for the last 2 years. The big difference between the two is the reason WHY I am taking the medication. When I was active in my addiction, I used drugs to take away emotional pain. Now I take medication to take away physical pain. Big difference. Before I found my current pain doc, I was terribly undermedicated and had a hard time taking my medication as prescribed. I questioned myself at that time too. But truthfully, 2 vicodin a day, was not enough to handle the pain I was in. My doc at the time thought that was ALOT of medication. I guess to him, my behavior, calling in for early refills, appeared to be drug seeking type behavior. But in truth, I was dreadfully undermedicated. When I found a pain doc, and was properly medicated, all of that behavior stopped. I have not once called for an early refill, or taken more medication than I was supposed to. I take my medication exactly as prescribed. If I have a problem, I call my doctor before it becomes an issue.

So - there in lies the difference - and the question. Why are you taking the medication. Why are you taking more than prescribed. Why are you obtaining medication illegally? Is it because you are undermedicated or is it because you are chasing a "high" and need ever increasing amounts of medication to acheive it. Are you medicating away emotional pain or physical pain? Obviously only you can answer that question. But you need to search inside yourself for that answer as honestly as you can.

I hope you find the answers you need.