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A Aloha 360, :wave:

Boy was I in some doosy threads about this very subject a little over a year ago. This subject stirs the emotions, opinions and stupidity of many, and when this happens, more often than not, it helps no one. But on with my 37 cents, give or take a dollar or two.

I still think that I can relate with your predicament 360, and I agree with Ingy’s assessment also, well put my friend.

Anyway, I was on some pretty heavy narcotics and opiates after my surgery too, I think Avinza (morphine sulfate) was my favorite. Initially I was prescribed Ultram 300 mgs daily just like you, and 2 Percocet four times a day (as needed, this was ammended to three times a day at the three month post op mark), then Oxycontin (I did not get along with Ultram for some reason) 160mg every 12 hrs and the same BT pain meds (Percocet). This went on for about 8 months after surgery (I have kept a daily meds diary since postsugery day one, it freaks me out when I look at it now, I am only giving you a snapshot of the major and succesful dosages and meds, I counted 22 different meds in my diary, some with some really awful side effects, we finally found the right recipe). I also take Neurontin ( 2800 mgs daily), this has been a staple early on for me and was prescribed long before surgery was a consideration.

Then they put me on Avinza (1, 120 mg capsule every 24 hours), I liked it, it seem to keep the pain at bay, and I only had to take one every 24 hours. kewl :cool: When we went with the Avinza, I was also taking, and still am, Vicoden (10mg/500mg) for the breakthrough pain as needed. I was on the Avinza for another ten months before I decided to try life with just the breakthrough pain meds.

I stopped taking Avinza cold turkey :eek: (without my doctor’s knowledge too…oops :nono:), but he was happy (not as happy as I was) to see that I could manage without the Avinza (this was after he balled me out for doing that stunt without consulting with him first, I do not recommend this, talk to your doctor before you have any inclinations of changing your regimen).

Don’t get me wrong, there were some pretty healthy withdrawal symptoms to deal with. There was some heck to pay believe me! Now I’m not trying to scare you, it was not that bad, mostly flu like symptoms, and this lasted for about five days. But after the symptoms subsided it was amazing the changes that were made within my bowel system, Oh Happy Day! I am still to this day taking my Vicodin and Neurontin and probably will for life, and I am ok with that.

Addiction has been a never-ending worry and has been a tug of rope affair with a lot of people in my life. But one day I realized, that unless they walked in my shoes, they had no right to judge, assume, preach, condemn, deplore, or…well, I think you get my point, this was my life, my body, my pain, and the only opinion that mattered to me in the end…was…you guessed it, mine!

Tolerance, dependence, addiction, abuse, only you will know if you are abusing these drugs, you will hear other peoples opinions and assertions (spouse, parents, inlaws, friends neighbors, the mail man, your brothers wife's friends hairdresser), but us who have gone through and live with pain on a daily basis, and probably will for the rest of our lives, will also have to let these criticisms and lectures go in and out of our ears and minds and do what is best for our lives, this is a quality of life issue.

If being labeled an addict bothers you enough to where you will decide to live in pain so be it; I for one choose to live a reasonably pain managed life.
I think a lot of us know who we are when it comes to the realization that we will never really be 100% pain free again, our tolerance for pain may change, as will the dosage, intake and type of our meds, but I have searched my soul and have found that I will probably die of old age and not of drug abuse, but I will also probably die of old age with a bottle of Vicodin and Neurontin in my medicine cabinet, and I am ok with that also.

360, it sounds as though you have a lot on your plate, a wife, children, etc, concentrate on these joys, and let the pain management chips fall where they may, don’t worry about it. If you find yourself going beyond the dosage and see yourself starting to abuse them, and Like I said, you will know, do the right thing, be honest with yourself, get the help you need, otherwise, get as much enjoyment out of life that you can in between the bad pain days and don’t worry about anything else but what games you are going to play with the kids, what new restaurant you are going to take your wife to, when was the last time you changed your oil in the car…stuff like that, these are more fun to worry about then the necessity to manage your pain, or am I an addict...no you are not! So you can worry about the other things, Got IT? Good!

See, passion, emotion, but it was all good, and it was directed at you, Good Luck and God Bless you my friend. If you have any specific questions, I’m all ears…er, I mean eyes, let me know.


Sorry about turning this into a book, I couldn’t help myself, my emotions were stirred, again, and my fingers just went on auto pilot.