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What a help, I am going to write down what these things are, an ask my doctor about them, I would not take any print out with them as that isn't right. I will just ask him about these and see what he says. All's I take is the methadone 3 times a day, he seems to want to push that epidural shot, and I am not feeling that, I think, no I know those things are 500.00 and he is going to make alot more money on them them, vs just a office visit. The last time I went was the 3rd of January, and I told him I wasn't going to take the Amitriptylene anymore, as it makes me real dopey in the morning, to the point where I would drop my coffee, and fall asleep anywhere, including the bathroom, so I had to do something, well he must get a kickback because he prescribed Lunesta, and that is horribly expensive so the pharmacist call my PM doctor, and Sonata was the end result at 50.00 a month, well that was 18 days ago and I had only taken 2 of them, as I just don't like that unnatural sleep it gives me, so I only take the methadone, and I may ask for something for muscle spasm's, as I get them in the middle of my spine. I have never heard of Pan Forte, I use to take Parfon Forte for muscle spasm's but pan Forte is a narc? does it work? How powerful is it? Is it like percocet, or oxy's, or vicodin, or what?
Take care of your self and I appreciate the info.

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