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I have chronic tailbone pain. Well the way it happened is the only way I can explaine how baddly scarred it is.

I fell from bed, Broke my tailbone it was a tall pillowtop up off the floor, then my exhusband when we were married began to force me to have anal sex with him, I was also a new mother nursing an 8month old baby when I fell.

I was working full time sittng all day long as a data entry clerk, once a week or so Taro my exhusband would analy force himself on me, each week he would force the bone an inch or two more bent backwards, inch by inch my tailbone got pushed up to a 90% angle to the spine,

I was in pain, I asked the nurse at the doctors office for help, I told her I fell and was in pain and wanted an x-ray.

I was too embarrassed to tell her what he was doing she was older and judgemental enough and I didn't know if she might help me or make fun of me for not fighting him and hurting him or pulling a gun on him or whatever..anyway...he hurt me each week, each month for 9 months

My tailbone was bent completely off and backwards and wiggling loose under my buttcrack skin. I complained to my chiropractor that I was throwing my back out at work constantly because I was compensating for a broken painful tailbone..that felt like I had had a railroad tie nail hammered into the base of my spine and about 4 inches above my anus hole.

He asked me for permission to put his hand down my spine and palpatate my talibone area, I knew him well and knew his wife and family, so I said ok sure...he put his hand down there and said OH Hell I can feel it wiggling....it moves back and forth about an inch in each direction...you need an xray now...he said his xray machine was broken.

I went to my regular DO and while there he waltzed out with the finished xray and then got a ghostly look on his face and offered me drugs, then surgery was scheduled within a week and the thing taken out. That was in Aug,1989. I hve been living on vicodin or some other narcotic pain meds since

The doctors are doleing them out slowly and cautiously not giveing me more than 30 to 60 pills a month, I have also had 3 low back pain blocks done epidurmally and 3 neck blocks done...the neck blocks helped for the most part...the pain clinic doctors said there is nothing that can be done for my tailbone scar and the pain I get when I sit now.

The doctors at the pain clinics said that they could not put nerve blocks down that low on my spine for pain or in that area, that it might cause me loose control of my bowels and be in adult diapers for the rest of my life. Two different pain clinic doctors have said the same thing.

The bone is gone, the pain remains...not as sharp or accute upon sitting as it was then...it was on a scale from 1-10 in June 1989 well it was about a 15 on the pain scale...now it is between 8 and 10 on the pain scale if I only sit for 2 hours or less. When I sit for more than 2 hours well it gets up to 15 on the pain scale again and my legs start going numb and I cannot walk alone when I get up from sitting.

I do lay around like a lazy couch potato most of the time now, it is all I can do.
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