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I had a similar problem awhile back but it was with vicodin. I had been seeing my old doctor (gyno) ever since my condition was diagnosed. When I got insuracne I had to find a doctor that was covered under my plan. Well my doc sent over ALL of my records, what treatment I was currently on (90 vic's a month) etc... Well when I started with the new doctor they were "uncomfortable" with the amount of vicodin I was taking per month and dropped it to 30 per month!!!!!! They also referred me to a pain managemtne doctor for a consult but until (took 5 months to get in) I was to only have the 30. I had horrible w/d and then evne after the w/d subsided, I still had to deal with the fact that I didn't have enough meds and was in constant pain! It was awful. Eventually the PM doc told them to put me back to 90 and they did. And now when my tolerance to the vic's got too high my doc got me hooked up within our clinic with their new PM doctor (they didn't used to have one on site) right away and she is really great. She put me on methadone right away and it works great. But I really feel like I've gotten lucky with her. EVERY time I have to see a new doctor about ANYthing, even a dermatologist or something, I'm always anticipating having some sort of hastle with them. It's like buying a new computer...there always seems to be some sort of problem...at least for me!!! :)