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Hi Gang! One of my dear friends just left here, and I am just sickened by her story. She had breast cancer about 10 years ago, they took both breasts and she had chemo. Thank God she survived, she was only 38 at the time, with 3 kids still at home, the youngest only 3. her husband left her at the beginning and my family and I rallied around and took her kids on chemo weekends and stuff. She didn't like pain meds, only took 2 (!!) days off work after her masectomy, and through her subsequent reconstruction therapy and later propholactic hysterectomy, I never saw her take more than one vicodin here and there, she hated the way they made her feel. she is now re-married (I introduced her to new hubby :) ) and I am very close to the family. She had some symtoms of colon cancer and I went with her to the oncologist. she has colon cancer, and it has spread beyond the colon. this is not a mastisized version of her breast cancer, but a whole NEW cancer. The plan is 12 weeks of chemo and radiation, a month off, surgery, then 12-14 more weeks of the chemo/radiation. where she is now, is 2 weeks pre surgery. Her radiologist is perscribing for some reason, I would think the oncologist would. he put her on oxy LA 20 mgs. 1 per day. the first month she called for a re-fill the nurse told her 'This is a bad drug you are on, you could be addicted' she was upset and called me and I gave her our infamous 'dependance vs. addiction' speech. she was having quite a bit of pain and I feel she was under medicated even with the oxys. The were insisting they lasted 12 hours a day well I told her our concensus on that one! :rolleyes: When she saw the oncologist, she asked him, and he said, 'Oh, The oxy is a great med for you! it will help regulate your bowel issues as well as deal with the pain' so she went on, each month harder than the last to re-fill and more 'lectures' from the nurse. Last month she made 15 pills last 30 days, and was in pain a lot of the time. When she called for her re-fill today, they told her she couldn't have it. They gave her some vicodin 5's. This med has always made her ill and has never been effective for pain for her. I'm LIVID! If she shouldn't be on these medications, then please tell me who should be! I told her to call her oncologist, I also told her they probably want her off the stronger pain meds because of post op pain, but its not like they can't go up to kadian or 40mg oxys if need be. Do you guys think it is good advice to tell her to call her oncologist, and if need be, her primary? I am sickened and thankful that I have a doctor who understands the differece between dependance and addiction. Thanks to you all, sorry this is such a long read, any advice would be great. Hugs, Fabby :wave:
For sure she should call.Vicodin is crap and should only be used for mild acute pain.I don't understand were some of these doctors get off on ordering crappy drugs like vicodin and lortabs and darvocet.This woman deserves to be on a sustained release morphine at least.Call the doctor asap....Dave
I just read your post and I'm just outraged that a so-called doctor/nurse would lecture a patient with cancer about the dangers of addiction every time she needs a refill. I can understand if she were given the addiction vs. tolerance speech at the time of her first rx, but, this is just crazy :confused:
and now to stop the oxy altogether and switch to a 5mg vicodin????????? I can't imagine how she must feel after going through cancer years ago and not even needing anything other than a vic here and there and now she's being denied pain relief because of a ridiculous fear of addiction. This is one of the worst stories I've heard about involving denial of pain relief and I think this doctor should have his/her license revoked for malpractice.
As far as advising your friend, I agree to have her call her oncologist and if she could go in and see the doctor and bring you along for support and to advocate on her behalf that would be the best thing. She should also, mention that many women have chronic pain after having a masectomy because it can damage the nerves in that area and it's not unusual to be on a LA narcotic for years after cancer surgery and then add how she required minimal pain relief at best since her masectomy.

This really gave me food for thought today because I was really feeling sorry for myself. Last night I hear my dog barking at 1am and when I went to find out why, I see a cop at my door and he proceeds to tell me that someone broke into my van........I was fit to be tied and just as the officer and I walked over to the van to acess the damage, another officer at the van starts screaming, "show me your hands". Well, the guy was still in my van laying on the floor and Thank God the cops got him, but, I thought to myself, I must have a black cloud hanging over my head because bad things always seem to happen to me. Then I started thinking about this God awful pain and how hard it is to live like this everyday and I got into the woe is me mood and then I read your post....I went online to look at used vans because the jerk broke my steering colome and ignition and since I only have liability ins, I will have to pay for the repairs and the van is old and has other issues so I looked into getting another one. Afterwords I wanted to check in and see how everyone was and I saw your post and I thought, I am lucky that I don't have the problems your dear friend has. I only wish that bad things like cancer and pain only happened to bad people and unfortunately, that never seems to be the case. Please keep us posted on her progress and I'm glad to see she's got the good fortune to have a friend like you. :) :angel: