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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I I spent last night in the Emergency room, and I am in SEVERE pain. Every time I move, breath or even just sitting here makes it hurt like CRAP. BTW: Plauracy is an inflamation of the lung. HAVE any of you ever had this before? SOMEONE HELP IT HURTS SO BAD!! what should I do for it? I eman, they gave me vicodin, but my mother doesn't wantme to take it because it is a narcotic. Does anyone have any remodes for it??[/FONT]
One of my co-workers had it and it only lasted a few days...she was in pain but she recovered quickly. I think she had to take some sort of antibiotic for a while afterwards. Are you on any antibiotics? there should be something else they can give you for the pain..did your mom ask if there is any non-narcotic meds they can give you? I can't imagine your mother would rather have you suffer than take vicodin...kinda insensitive!
no no no. the thing is, is that they gave me motrin-didn't help. and then they proscribed vicodin. She had surgery, and she took vicodin,a nd saw dancing rulers and children running around in her backyard and was out cold for 48 hours straight. and my granny took it, and the same thing happend-halucinations. So what should I do??