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Hello everyone,
I am a 27 y.o. female, and I've posted in the back forum, but thought here would be appropriate too. I was in a car accident back in 03, and have been thru the ringer... short version:

June 03- hit from behind by semi going about 45. passenger, we were stopped, waiting to turn left. most of the jeep we were in ended up in crushed into the back of my seat. go to the hospital, get xray and cat scan
Remark that there is cervical spondylosis. Reffered to local osteo clinic and got PT, 40 Vicodin and 40 Skelaxin. No relief of the neck pain. shoulder blade pain
or headaches

Sept 03-referred to physiatrist, continued PT incl strength training, recieved trigger point injections in back near r shoulder blade many times. Given Darvocet 50mg, muscle relaxants

May 04- with no noticable improvment, was ordered MRI. C5 C6 were bulging. Increased therapy, increased TP injections. cycles of flare ups.

Oct 04- no noticable improvment. cycle of flare ups continue. had epidural procedure done, no real improvement. diagnoses of facet disease, cervogenic headaches, myofasical pain. more PT, more Vicodin and muslce relaxers.

Mar 05- get referral to new neuro and physiatrist. immediately changes meds, puts me on elavil and percocet 5mgs. suggests facet injections, occipital blocks. talks about neuropathy. doesn't think the disc bulges contribute...

May 05- first series of injections, saw some pain relief. Bought a house, helped pack up old place, pain rebounds heavily.

June 05- another series of injections. added neurontin.

July 05- last set of injections. Remodeled house, and I was too active and tried to paint, sand, clean.... made pain even worse!! took off of neurontin because it made me emotionally crazy. got engaged (strong man!!)

Aug 05- increased pain meds to oxycontin 10mg, percocet 5,added cymbalta

Sept 05- suggested to go for osteopathic manip. increased percocets to 7.5, takes me off oxycontin (bad side effects for me)

Oct 05- get married, get insured. Try to get the suggested ortho dr covered and refused by insurance. Added duragesic patch 25mg, reduced percocet to 5mg. Decide to try to Chiropractor, try accupuncture, massage, more PT. doc oks it. Bad flare up at end of month, doc adds valium 5mg.

Nov 05- Present Been seeing the chiro for 3 months and have gotten no better. hear lots of emphasis on the facet column during PT scheduled to see doc this friday, talk about botox, rhizotomy. wondering if the shoulder problem isn't due to winged scapula. headaches increased, deep burning pain continues underneath r shoulder blade, r side of neck.
Total meds I'm on:

Cymbalta60mg (no sex drive, no ability to orgasm, want off!!)
Elavil 50mg (helps me sleep, believed to help nerve pain)
Duragesic 25mg
Percocet 5mg
Valium 5mg

I am a shadow of my former self. I am going to see a pain counselor this week, as well as a psychiatrist before I go see my physiatrist/pain dr on Friday. I am tired of living on pain pills, and getting no relief. I am tired of having no sex drive. I am tired of my husband having to always be the strong one. I am tired of HURTING every SINGLE day. I just want some support, and I like these boards. They are a great place to learn, vent and make new friends. Please, anyone with advice or encouragment reply to this....
Yeah, Cymbalta has the weight loss properties and elavil has weight gain...Go Figure. Don't be afraid to ask for a sleep med. Elavil (amitryptaline) was used for years but it does have a lot of side effects. There are now drugs called sedatives/Hypnotics like Ambien, Ambien CR, and Lunesta. I have used both Ambien, and Ambien CR with good success with no or little residual effect in the morning. Do a search for Lunesta and you can read some of the posts regarding it. They also still use Benzo's of sleep, like Valium, Ativan. You'll want to talk to your Dr to find out whats best for you.

And yes, Percocet (Oxycodone) is stronger than Morphine. Morphine is just the gold standard that all other drugs are compared too. Morphine is a very old drug and the first one usually pulled out in ER. Too many people assume that once you're on Morphine, you've hit the top. This is far from the truth, but society tells us this. If you look at an Equianalgesic chart (Compares drug strengths) you will see that Oxycodone is approximately 1.5 x stronger than Morphine. Believe it or not, most show Hydrocodone (Vicodin) at approximately a 1:1 ratio with Morphine.

Anyway, everyone responds differently to drugs. Some will to Morphine really well, where others can't take it. It's really finding out what works for you, and to worry less about what MG or drug you're taking. If it is working for you with the least amount of side effects, then there is your key.

I hope the talk with the Dr goes good for you. Hope you start feeling better.

Take Care