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Hey Shore I went to pain management last week and they upped the pump to 9.00 a day ( morphine and marcane ) and they started me on Kadian and it is working pretty good. The question is what is the difference between Kadian and Avinza? I bought the Kadian but my insurance pays little on it so I checked with my insurance and I can get Avinza like three times the amount of pills for the same price I pay for Kadian. I am on 20mg. and I take a vicodin at night for some break thru pain. I have pamphlets on both and it sound like they are about the same. Tell me what you know about them :D

Thanks and take care and stay safe geifer
Shore they are giving me the Kadian for breakthru pain and it helps alittle but I am finding I have to add the vicodine at night for more pain control. I know they can increase the dose I just started taking Kadian last week so when I go next week they might have to increase the dose. I will see if they can increase the pump also. Ohio weather has been quite damp this winter and I do worst in the winter time it seems.

Carol I have had my first pump in 1997 and the second one in 2001 so I am due for another in the fall if not before ( if my battery alarm goes off ) I hope not until the fall. I am looking forward to the larger pump so I don't have to go for refills every 25 days. Take care and stay safe geifer :wave: