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I don't think all doctors are fair about pain medications. I was in a snowmobile accident several weeks ago where I clipped a good sized tree - the sled and tree are fine, but I sustained major blunt force trauma injuries to my lower back and hip when I was thrown from the sled into the tree on impact. Nothing broken, but I could barely walk, my back swelled up like a water balloon and I was given a prescription for Vicodin from the emergency room physician...when I visited my regular doctor a week later, she gave me Ultram and told me to let her know if that didn't work. It didn't, so I asked if she could switch me back to Vicodin. Unfortunately, the Vicodin wasn't doing the trick either. It didn't matter if I was sitting, standing, walking or lying down; I was relentlessly getting stabbed in the back. She then switched me to Darvocet, which only made me feel like throwing up, even if I took it with a meal. When I made an appointment to visit her again, she told me there was simply "nothing stronger" she could give me. I understand that addiction to pain pills is a growing concern for doctors prescribing medication - but you can talk to me about it or ask me to even give back that bottle of Darvocet or Vicodin and I will gladly offer it up if you'll just give me something that works!! Don't just tell me that there's "nothing stronger you can give me". She didn't take more than a passing glance at my injuries or ask me what sort of pain I was experiencing - I felt like was on the defensive, like she was thinking 'this girl just wants more pills'.
I'm just curious? What type of pain meds are you on? I take Vicodin for a herniated disc and my prescription calls for a total of 4 in a 24 hour time. The problem is, I've been on this drug for about a year now and the more time goes on, the less it helps the pain. Your body gets used to the drug after a while and it takes more to stop the pain. But, since you can get addicted to this type of med., doctors tend to be careful about giving it out so freely. I feel like he needs to up the dosage of mine because I run out quick too because sometimes I have to take 2 tablets at once to get adequate pain relief! It's not that I want to take more because I actually don't feel the effects anymore (the dizziness,flushing, or "high" feeling) like I did at the start. It just lessens the pain now to a tolerable point! I will probably need back surgery eventually, but for now I can't afford to be out of work.
Most people build tolerance to meds like hydrocodone (vicodin) pretty quickly, I know I did. Most likely you need to be put on a stronger med. Talk to your doctor about it and tell them what they are giving you is no longer adequate and you have done some reseach and feel that you need a stronger and more effective med. They won't give you something more unless you push for it. At least that is the experience I have had over the years...