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hi suzy,
i am just over 6 months post-op for a fusion at l4/5. While i am doing a lot better than pre-surgery, i still have pain issues. Enough to still be taking vicodin, trileptal and flexaryl on a regular basis.

i have an extremely painful spot in my back. The doc says its the muscle moving over a screw. And that, no matter how low profile the hardware is, some people need to have it removed because of pain issues.
I was told that it was day surgery (what is called 23 hr. surgery). This means that i would be allowed to spend the night in the hospital if need be.

Please try not to bend unless you bend at the hips (takes some practice). I usually squat, knee or do a modified plee-ay (sp). This is to hopefully save the discs above and bleow the fusion in good health. There is what is called the domino effect, where adjacent discs blow out - requiring more surgeries.

hope this helps some,