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Director, yes I'm in Ca. My other meds. such as my cholesterol drug and Mobic when I was still taking it, came from mail order at 90 days + 3 refills, but not for Xanax. Xanax is for 90 days and (1) refill. It's really weird in Ca. where I've always lived, but all my Drs. are the same way. Even when I had knee surgery and was in agony from postop pain, it was a big deal to get Vicodin and that barely helped. My Urologist is weird about pain meds. too. I get kidney stones and asked him for some pain meds. in case I pass the stone. He gave me a RX for 10 pills. How generous of him. We must have really strict laws out here. I don't have warm, fuzzy feelings for any Dr. I've ever had. They're all the same out here!!!!!
Hey Sunshine: I think it must be your doctors more than the state. I have family that live in Southern CA and I know for a fact they have had Vicodin prescriptions and for a lot more than 10 pills. How they were written (as far as special script, etc.) I don't know, but they must have had 30 or 40 in the RX after a surgery. I mentioned I was on Methadone for pain, I guess my doctor must be much more liberal than your's. I get 540 Meth tabs a month and you have trouble getting 10 Vicodins.

As far as your Xanax and getting a 90 supply with one refill, they must be on a six month schedule. We have the same thing here, but the six month rule only applies to Schedule II and III, I think. Others are good for a year.

I live in Ohio,I have been on baclofen,zanaflex,valuim and vicodin for 4 months now,when my neurologist wrote out the script the last time my pharmacist had to get special forms from my neuro to fill the script.Stating why and what diagnosis.I'm assuming state law.