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Hey Curious.... I wish I had some answers for you! What did the doc's have to say about it? Could the test have been incorrect? I wonder what the stats are on something like that....

FrankieS - Wanted to join in on Fabby's welcome. And yes some of us that are on narcotics for pain management have had addiction issues in the past. When I was on vicodin I had a lot of trouble taking them as prescribed and enjoyed the way they made me feel way too much. Now, after telling my doctor's about my problems with the vicodin, I am on methadone which works BETTER for my pain and doesn't give me a buzz at all so it has helped me immensly and I am able to follow my prescriptions with no trouble anymore. But it is still hard...so if you are a chronic pain patient that is having addiction troubles as well, I am here to talk to you on either board!

Also guys, say a prayer for me.... My cat Lucy, who as most of you who know me, know that my pets are my "children" since my medical condition will most likely not allow me to have any of my own.... Well, she ran away last night. She shot out the door with the dog at 1am and went right over our fence. I am worried sick. She still has not returned. My brother, my best friend, her fiancee, and myself searched for her, hands and knees in every bush, shrub, porch, yards, etc....for a two block radius until 4:30am. Then we took a break and resumed searching from 6-9 and still nothing. I am so upset. Have been awake now since 6:45 YESTERDAY morning.... which is awful on my pain. And I'm at work right now because I was going too insane sitting at home and waiting and not being able to sleep because I am too wired up with worry. My friend and her fiancee are going door to door with flyers that we made up in our "off" time between 4:30am and 6am. We are also offering a reward that is pretty substantial which everyone says will help.... but I'm just terrified that I've lost her. My only "daughter". Please everyone, say a prayer, cross your fingers, whatever works for you personally....but please, keep me and my Lucy in your thoughts to guide her home to me.... She has been essential in my pain relief "system". She is my little lovey kitty who wants to be petted all the time which relaxes me SO much.... I'm just so scared guys. Sorry to ramble on like this.... Stress increases my pain like crazy too. Why does that happen I wonder??? Since starting the methadone I haven't been above a 3-4 in pain and now I'm at about a 5!
I would probably get the MRI first....but i am not that experienced in the type of medical problems that you have.

So this PM is just going to give suggestions to your regular doctor and then the reg doc will do the prescribing, no tthe PM clinic? That is what I did originally ( a year or so ago) and he suggesteed methadone back then but I was too afraid of it (because I thought it was just for heroin addicts until I researched it) or to raise my vicodin and then my gyno did the prescribing. When she decided that I needed to switch to the methadone she sent me to a different PM doctor right in the same clinic...not sure why I didn't go to her in the first place, but oh well. But evne the first time with the PM doc that was just giving suggestions he still told ME what his suggestions were. I guess that after the multitude of problems I have had with getting treatment for my pain over the years that I tend to be too suspicious. If it was me I would be wondering if my doctor was really telling me what the PM clinic actually recommended or if they don't agree with it they might just tell me something different.... I would ask for a copy of the notes or letter that this PM clinic sent to your regular doctor. Because isn't this the doc that doesn't believe in prescribing anything stronger than percocet? What will happen if the PM clinic recommends oxycontin or methadone or something? Will you have to go all the way back there to get your scripts?

Sorry for rambling... Like I said, I've just had SOOO many problems over the years getting medication that it has been awful. Things are good now but it took forever to get to this point and to find a doctor that was open and willing to use meds stronger than vicodin, etc.... I had trouble even getting THAT for a long time, even after my surgeries proving the existence of my condition, and with all the notes from my previous doctors etc.... It can be such a pain. I just want to be sure that you get treated the way you deserve to be and that someone finally starts treating your pain! I know you've been suffering for a way too long...