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Hey Nuffs,

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I've also had failed back surgeries and know what type of pain they could cause. I think seeing a PM is a good idea. PM doctors are usually more up on pain treatments as this is there speciality. I think an MRI would probably be a good choice as well. A good PM will order tests so they can see the big picture. However, sometimes it takes a while to find the right PM. I'm surprises your Neuro has not sent you for an MRI. Numbness and tingling can indicate a compressed nerve by a disc as well as many other possibly DX. I would at least ask the neuro to send you for some testing (MRI, EMG).

As far as meds, you're probably mixing up the tylenol in the Vicodin as 1000 mgs would be a lot. The highest vicodin made is 10mg. Are you taking two 5/500 at a time? That would equal the 1000mgs of Tylenol in it. The "5" represents the amount of Hydrocodone and the 500 is the Tylenol (APAP) that is in it.

There are some good nerve meds out there. Alot of them are anti-seizure meds, but they have found that they work well for nerve pain. Of course there are many types of pain meds. Long acting, short acting, NSAID, etc.

Anyway, I think a good PM doctor would help you get to the bottom of this. Just in my opinion, and by the symptoms you are describing, I would be asking for some more imaging and testing of your back to see if there is something going on. Your Neuro could get that going for you.

Hope everything goes well for you. Take care