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hi my name is gabe im new to these boards, im 19 yrs old and about 3 weeks ago i had a bit of a fall. since then ive been to the ER 3 times and to the chiropractor. the pain i am having is lower back pain, shooting pains down my legs when i walk/sit/laydown/cough/sneeze/anything, and my toes and right side of my foot has been numb/tingling for 3 weeks already. they have done Xrays nothing is broken, but nothing else can be seen. the chiropractor didn't want to do the adjustment because i had limited reflexes in my ankle and my knee compared to the other side. i have to take vicodin and valium to sleep because of the pain. it has made my life extremely difficult, i am a college student but i haven't been attending classes for the last 3 weeks due to this pain. what i am wondering is if it is possible that i have a herniated disk? the pain starts from like the lowest part of my back and i can feel it in the front of my hip to the back, around the back side of my butt, down to my knee, and down to my foot. most of the pain is around the back of my upper leg though. the numbness has been constant in the foot and i have noticed that my calf area doesn't feel the same when i touch it compared to the other side. but yea im just looking for any advice i can get on this subject, im a very active person...well i was, now im pretty limited with what i can do, it sucks alot.