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Well, I had my appointment at the pain management clinic this morning. Basically still don't know anything. The doctor examined me, asked the usual questions. He said it could be a strain, or a fracture, and is ordering an MRI so we can find out more. He also went on to say it is slightly possible it could be a few other things, such as cancer (I had my thyroid removed 5 1/2 years ago due to cancer cells, and it could have spread), or some other things he named, but he told me not to think about those. He gave me extra-strength vicodin, a strong dose of ibuprofen, and the same muscle relaxer the ER gave me last week. I do not know when the MRI will be yet, but I do go back to see him in a month. So, yet another month of waiting to find out what the next step is.
My mom had an appointment today with our orthopedic doctor, and he said if I am not happy and want a 2nd opinion, he would be glad to see me so he could maybe try to figure out what is going on.
All I want is for someone to say, "Okay...this is what the problem is." Obviously, that is not happening, and it seems that all the doctors that I have seen so far want to do is drug me up. I am still extremely frustrated with this whole thing!!
Sorry...had to vent for a little bit. Anyway, I just wanted to give an update on the latest with my problem.